COVID-19: General Information

Given the ongoing situation re COVID 19 we are aware that there is great uncertainty around at present. We want to facilitate your staff’s learning during this challenging time, however everyone’s safety / wellbeing has to be paramount. 

Our key message is that we want to work with all our clients in a proactive way to ensure those in need still receive quality care, staff maintain compliance and everyone’s well being is maximised. This is inline with the guidance from the Care Quality Commission:

“We recognise that during this period your priority is to provide care to people and this may mean training is delayed. However, it’s important you make every effort to ensure your staff are competent, confident and skilled in providing safe care to the people using your service.”

  • May 2020: We are not routinely offering face to face training. Instead, we are looking at each request on a case by case basis. 

Online options

We are now offering all our training sessions by expert-led webinar. Using the best software available, we are confident that all learners will enjoy an meaningful and interactive learning experience. These sessions can also be complemented by the use of purpose made videos.  

Relevant information

We will of course keep abreast of developments and update this information as required.

At present our standard cancellations policy will apply, however everyone’s well-being has to be paramount so we will assess any cancellations should they occur.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on

Mandy Day-Calder
Managing Director