This CPD accredited course will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to care for a person with a tracheostomy.

Attendance at this interactive workshop is restricted to 12 to ensure that all learners have ample opportunity to demonstrate a variety of techniques on our life-like training manikins under the expert supervision of our specialist nurse trainer.

On successful completion, learners who are new to working with tracheostomies are required to gain competency under clinical supervision within their own workplace: competency frameworks will be provided.

Target audience: hospital and community nurses; experienced health care assistants / support workers and any other health or social care staff working with people with tracheostomies.

Level: suitable for those new to working with tracheostomies as well as those requiring an update. Health care assistants and support workers must all have at least 6 months care experience.

All learners will receive a CPD certificate.

  • Course duration: 1 day
  • CPD hours: 8 hours
  • Maximum no of delegates: 12
  • Price: £115 & VAT

This can be combined with our 2-day course ‘Caring for a person with complex care needs’ which runs on consecutive days following this course.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Understand the function of the upper and lower respiratory tract.
  • Understand normal breathing processes and the impact of respiratory disease.
  • Understand the rationale behind the insertion of a tracheostomy tube.
  • Knowledge of the different types of tracheostomy tubes and how these can be inserted.
  • Understand the principles behind and demonstrate safe techniques of caring for a patient with a tracheostomy tube.

Course content includes:

  • The structure and function of both the upper and lower respiratory tract.
  • The function of nose, mouth nasopharynx, oropharynx laryngopharynx, trachea bronchi and alveolar.
  • The physiological control of breathing, gaseous exchange, gas transport.
  • The main signs of respiratory disease, how to measure respiratory rate, how to auscultate a chest, pulse oximetry and cyanosis.
  • What a tracheostomy is and the two main types of insertion surgical and percutaneous.
  • Different types of tracheostomy and the major characteristics of each: cuffed, uncuffed and fenestrated.
  • Care of the patient with a tracheostomy: cuff pressures, stoma care, humidification, suctioning, changing tapes, speaking, eating and drinking, changing a tracheostomy tube, mouth care, inner tubes.
  • What to do if the tube blocks, becomes displaced or falls out.

This course is rated as 5 stars on Skills for Health’s Skills Platform

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Price (exc VAT)
9th April 2019
11th June 2019

This can be combined with our 2-day course

‘caring for a person with complex needs’.


Is this course accredited?

Yes, the course is accredited with the CPD Certification Service.

What materials will be provided?

All delegates will have access to a course workbook which includes relevant references and sources of further reading.

Is lunch provided?

No, teas and coffees etc are provided, however lunch is not. There are food outlets close to the venue, or feel free to bring your own lunch.

Further information

Please contact us if you would like more information about our courses, or if you would like to discuss your training needs.

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