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12-Lead ECG Recording

The 12-lead ECG is the most commonly performed diagnostic procedure in cardiology. Practice in 12-lead ECG recording varies across the NHS predominantly due to variations in training, personal experience and preferences as well as resources.

This short course aims to reduce such variation by ensuring that members of staff that perform 12-lead ECG recording do so using evidence-based information based on approved guidelines issued by The Society for Cardiological Science & Technology (SCST).
  • CPD learning time: 1hr.


  • Indications for 12-Lead ECG recording.
  • Equipment overview.
  • Patient preparation for ECG recording.
  • Placement of the limb leads and chest leads.
  • Mason Likar lead placement.
  • Holter ECG monitoring lead placement.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify the main indications for 12-Lead ECG recording.
  • Be aware of the equipment required to record a 12-lead ECG.
  • Prepare a patient for a 12-lead ECG recording.
  • Be able to place the chest and limb electrodes in accordance with approved guidelines issued by The Society for Cardiological Science & Technology.
  • Identify the appearance, causes and solutions to the most common problems encountered in 12-lead ECG recording.
  • Identify the electrode placement in Mason Likar and Holter ECG monitoring techniques.

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