Paving our way forward

“One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time.”

Moving towards face-to-face training again

I am a self-confessed planner. I enjoy looking ahead, setting goals and mapping out the steps required to move forward. I tend to balance my need for control with a dash of off-piste spontaneity. Just a mere few months ago that would be my ‘normal’ recipe for happiness.

But oh how things have changed. I, like so many others, have been forced to navigate a landscape of uncertainty. Survival instinct has replaced my need for perfect-planning. It’s as if a metaphorical blanket of self-protection has removed my ability to look too far ahead; instead my sole focus has been on today, tomorrow and the coming week. That’s all. And somehow, this strategy seemed to be working.

Until, that is the question of ‘new normal’ arose this week. For CBT, this was ‘what will classroom training look like in 1,2,3… months’ time?’ And Boom! Just like that my protective blanket was whipped away from me and I went into emotional free-fall. Suddenly, I had to look outside my ‘bubble’ and all I could see was unfamiliar territory; I felt scared and overwhelmed. It was as if I was at the foot of a mountain and I didn’t trust any of the paths in front of me.

Breaking it down

Luckily, I know myself well. I know that I need to go through what I call my ‘butterfly’ stage before I can make sense of what I need to do. And so, I free-floated for a day or so. I immersed myself in all the relevant government documents; I contacted HSE; I networked with other training providers and awarding organisations. And then I started to plan. And like any other journey I’ve been on, once I’ve taken the first few steps the landscape unfolds and the travelling becomes as important as the destination.

Yes, face-to-face training will most likely resume in the coming months and yes, CBT will rise to this challenge and adapt our training to keep everyone safe whilst at the same time delivering meaningful and engaging sessions. And yes, the planner in me is now excited about how we will do this.

Our promise to you

As a quality training provider our aim is to keep managers and learners both informed and safe

Our full COVID19 strategy is outlined on this page but my message is simple: I want the safety and delivery of clinical content to be our top priorities. We will work tirelessly to ensure that we have polices and procedures in pace to ensure everyone’s well being is maximised. And we will adapt these polices regularly.

For now, we will:

  • Look at requests for face-to-face training on a case-by-case basis
  • Continue to offer virtual training options for mandatory, clinical and complex care subjects

Please do contact me on if you want to discuss any aspect of your training.

Thanks for reading!