Document and Record Keeping


This course has been designed to help the learner raise their awareness of the importance of producing, keeping and sharing information appropriately and to ensure they are aware of the legal frameworks and best practice guidance that guides how this should be done.

Course outcomes:

The aims of this course include:

  • That all learners gain a clear understanding of the importance of record keeping within the workplace and how to ensure they record, store and share information in a professional manner and in accordance with key legislation and organisational policies and policies.
  • By the end of this e-learning module, you will have an understanding of the following learning outcomes:
  • Understand the range of standards that might apply in your workplace and what you need to do to comply with these.
  • Be aware of the legislation that underpins information management processes.
  • Identify what constitutes good practice in relation to document and record keeping.
  • Be aware of the implications of poor practice for yourself, your clients, your organisation and commissioners.

Expected learning time

1 hour 30 minutes

About this course

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