Happy International Nurses Day

Calcutta Rescue Fund Street Clinic 1993

Street Clinic, Calcutta Rescue Fund 1993

Here I look back to my nursing roots and celebrate all nurses in the UK and beyond.

Like many others, I’ve experienced a variety of emotions during lockdown (love the new phrase‘corona-coaster) but I’ve also had fair few moments of quiet reflection.

So, as today is International Nurses Day, I am indulging myself and taking a wee wander down memory lane. Despite no longer working on the wards or being on the NMC register, nursing per se is intrinsic to my soul; inside there’s a part of me will always be a nurse. And I don’t want that to change. The values that led me into nursing: being caring, authentic and compassionate and wanting to make a difference did not disappear when I metaphorically hung up my uniform. No, these are values I take with me as I wander through Life.