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Our nurse-led interactive webinars will enable nurses, carers, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals to develop or refresh the necessary knowledge and skills in Venepuncture/Phlebotomy.

You’ll leave the webinar with an overview of the skills required to perform Venepuncture (Phlebotomy).

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Our specialist trainer will also talk you through practical demonstration(s) and there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions. You can also receive:

On successful completion learners who are new to venepuncture are required to gain competency under clinical supervision within their own workplace: competency frameworks will be provided.

All learners will receive a CPD certificate and downloadable handouts.  

Target audience: nurses, health care assistants, support workers pharmacists, phlebotomists and other health care staff involved in venepuncture.

Course duration: 3 hours per subject. Online training for venepuncture.

Maximum no of delegates: 15

Technical details

Sessions are delivered via Zoom platform. You will receive comprehensive details both about how to access as well as get the most out of your training – please allow 2 business days from your order.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Understand the professional and legal issues surrounding venepuncture / cannulation.
  • Understand venous anatomy and suitability of vessels for venepuncture / cannulation.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of vein selection criteria.
  • Awareness of available equipment: vacuumed systems, ‘butterflies’ etc.
  • Practical demonstration by specialist nurse of safe and competent procedure – includes hints and tips.
  • Understand the common complications, e.g. haematoma, extravasation, needlestick injury etc.
  • Awareness of practical steps to minimise risks to the patient and member of staff.

Course content includes:

  • Overview of professional aspects of venepuncture / (cannulation).
  • Overview of the venous anatomy of the human arm and leg and criteria for vein selection.
  • Equipment available – review of the common blood sampling and safety devices available.
  • Practical demonstration using the most up-to-date training manikins available.
  • Complications of venepuncture / (cannulation).
  • Documentation and competency assessments.

Your trainer will be delivering the session using an online classroom – known as a ‘webinar’.

To get the most out of the session we recommend you follow these simple tips:
● Don’t be afraid to ask questions: just as in a classroom setting our trainer is there to facilitate your learning. There are no silly questions.
● If you are in a room with other colleagues, it is a good idea to nominate a ‘speaker’ to ask questions to the trainer.
● Wear a sticker with your name on it so that our trainer knows who you are.
● Have some paper and pens ready in case our trainer asks you to write something down.
● It’s ok to get up and stretch if you need too.
● Have fun! We aim for all our learning to be an engaging experience.
● Please leave us feedback using the online code you will be given.
● Please note: you must stay for the full session or you will not receive your certifcate of attendance.
● Delegates please login 15 mins before start time to allow for any technical issues etc.

Using Zoom
You can access via the Zoom app or via your PC (you will need to download Zoom )
● Getting started with Zoom on windows and Mac
● Using Zoom app (IOS)
● Zoom app android
Zoom is very intuitive and allows for direct interaction with our trainer.
● Please mute yourself when not talking as this cuts down background interference.
● Please use headphones if possible.
● Please make use of ‘reactions’ and chat facilities as these can aid interactions.

Download our virtual classroom pdf

Enrol on webinars here: click on links for learning outcomes and more information (per person)

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