Before running a course, please ensure your PC meets the minimum pre-requisites.

Computer 1.5Ghz Intel or AMD PC or equivalent
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 & Windows 10
Internet Browser MS Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher (IE11 recommended); Mozilla FireFox; Google Chrome (with the Adobe Flash plug-in version 8.0 or higher)
Monitor Minimum resolution of 1280 x 1024 is required
Soundcard Soundcard, speakers or headphones are recommended
Connection Speed 1Mbps or greater

Some courses include audio. It is usually possible to enable or disable audio within the course or on the course page prior to launching the course.

If you have problems with audio, check that you have a sound card installed on your machine and that the speakers or headphones are correctly connected to the computer’s soundcard (not plugged in to your CD-Rom drive’s headphone socket).

In order to make sure you have the correct browser settings to enable learning over the Internet please use this compatibility check.

The compatibility check tests that JavaScript, Flash, Cookies and pop-up windows are enabled for servers. You can also read intructions of how to manually check and enable these settings here.

Firewalls and proxies are IT equipment that are used to secure and speed up your internet access.

Your IT department should configure any firewalls to allow HTTP traffic to any domain ending . Also important is that pages should never be cached by proxies.

Q. My PC does not meet all the pre-requisites. Can I still run a Charles Bloe e-Learning Demos e-learning course?

A. You may still be able to launch a Charles Bloe e-Learning Demos e-learning course, but you may notice that audio doesn’t play correctly, or that pages take a long time to display. Please contact the administrator with any specific queries about the pre-requisites.

Q. How long are the courses?

A. Courses vary between a half and 5 days, where 1 day = approximately 6 – 8 hours of training. Please note, this figure will vary depending on your level of expertise in the subject.

Q. If I log off, will my course be bookmarked for the next time I log on?

A. Yes, the course will be tracked and bookmarked to the page that you finish on in the tutorial, and you will be notified of which tutorials you have started or completed. You do not have to do the tutorials in the order listed, you can choose to start at any tutorial.

If you require further assistance or technical support, please contact the support team via email. Please ensure to include as much information as possible regarding the specifics of your request to help the support line deal with your enquiry.

As the subject of the email please state the type of request: Registration, Technical Assistance or General Information, and in the body text please include the following information, where possible:

  1. First name, Last name
  2. Company, contact number
  3. Login ID or user ID
  4. Course, lesson and tutorial (where applicable)
  5. Browser type and version
  6. Operating system
  7. Type of connection, i.e. modem, ADSL etc.
  8. Description of request/ problem

Incoming support requests are routed to the appropriate support representative based on request type and the level of technical expertise required to quickly resolve the issue.