We are always looking for experienced health and social care professionals who have teaching experience.

We are passionate about compassionate and dignified care. To enable us to deliver a high quality of training we only recruit trainers who have significant experience in the sector; both ‘hands on’ and in training delivery. All trainers work on a self-employed / freelance basis.

Training Co-ordinator (Full time, Fixed Term Contract 12 months)

Who are we looking for?

In addition to clinical skills and knowledge we also look for nursing / health and social care trainers who have outstanding communication skills, ‘get’ CBT’s values genuinely enjoy teaching and are passionate about enhancing the learner’s experience.

It is extremely important to us that our all courses are delivered by trainers who:

  • Are passionate and knowledgeable about their subject matter.
  • Are committed to ensuring that the learning outcomes are met.
  • Adopt training methods that are enjoyable, interactive and adapted to the needs of the learning group.

All courses are evaluated regularly: content is adapted as guidelines / best practice changes.

Trainers are encouraged to keep a self-reflection log and they receive feedback on their training methods / skills which is based on the course evaluations from attendees.

Branches of training

Our training requests / contracts fall into the following four broad categories:

  1. Mandatory & Induction Training, e.g. BLS, Moving and Handling of People, Safeguarding, Medication Awareness, Care Certificate.
  2. Clinical Skills Training, catheterisation, ECG, venepuncture..and many more.
  3. Complex Care Training, e.g. care of a patient with a tracheostomy, spinal injury, epilepsy etc.
  4. Vaccination Training, e.g. for pharmacists, nurses or HCAs.

The above list is not exhaustive. So, if you have other skills please let us know!


We would love to her from you. Please:

We will then be in touch to discuss if your skills fit the needs of the team.


All of our trainers work on a freelance basis as most continue to maintain clinical posts within the NHS or social care field. If you are an experienced practitioner and trainer, we would love to hear from you.

Please email mandy@cb-training.com for more information
We look forward to hearing from you!